Who are we?

A premium service provider with superior results: no toxic cancer-causing chemicals on your skin and clothes, cleaner clothes with longer life, and no damage to the environment.

TNLC runs an automated, intelligent process that combines water with biodegradable solvents to gently clean garments from simple shirts to the most delicate of evening gowns

Our automated process optimizes for each material and stain bringing garment care into our modern technology-based era. We can carefully control water temperature, rotation, and detergent levels to protect your garments.
With the environment a top priority, the process also requires up to 80% less energy and water compared to dry-cleaning alternatives.
We use nontoxic detergent that is safe for the environment and your health and protects garment color and texture far longer than PERC. Clothes emerge from wet cleaning smelling fresh with no chemical residue or odor.

What is PERC and why should I care?

Perchlorethylene, also known as PERC, is a hydrocarbon-based solvent used by >90% of drycleaners today. Though it is an effective solvent of dirt and stains, it is also a toxic chemical. Using PERC has consequences for human health, the environment, and for the lifespan of your garments.

In response to these risks governments have introduced laws banning the use of PERC in dry-cleaning, for example, France by 2020 and California by 2023, with strict restrictions on the use of toxic dry-cleaning solvents in many other European countries as well, such as Denmark.