1I thought delicates such as silk and wool are damaged when they get wet
Dry cleaning is not a dry process. It is a common misconception that clothes do not get wet when they are dry-cleaned. They are in fact fully soaked in a liquid solvent made of PERC or other chemicals rather than water. Therefore your clothes can safely get wet in a controlled professional manner.
2My clothes label says ‘dry clean only’. Is it safe to wet clean my garments?
Anything with a dry clean only label can safely be wet-cleaned
3If water is ok why can’t I just clean my delicates at home?
The rough rotation and tumble of a home washing machine and dryer as well as the limited temperature control make it too harsh for delicates. Our professional cleaning process carefully controls the amount of rotation in the washer drum, agitating the garment enough to remove stains without compromising the fabric fiber.Our artisan finishing process also helps protect and sustain clothing in its original shape, form, and texture.