What Is Wet Cleaning?

What is the difference between DRY Cleaning and WET Cleaning?
March 2, 2017

People ask me all the time what wet cleaning is and why they have not heard about it if its so much better. First things first- wet cleaning is the future- using state of the art, sophisticated machines and WATER as its primary solvent. The results are indisputably better than dry cleaning and this is how the process works.

The Process

The wet cleaning process is relatively straightforward, using high-end state of the art wet cleaning machines, The Natural Laundry Company are able to safely clean all garments from clothes, bed linen, and wedding gowns no matter how sensitive or unique the material may be. Wet cleaning uses water combined with a safe, biodegradable detergent to clean garments. With our computer controlled machines, we can monitor the temperature your clothes are washed at, the drum rotation rhythms and detergent dosing levels so that your items of clothing are cleaned safely without a chemical after smell. Our machines also finish with an optimized spin cycle that can measure the amount of moisture, so it can be worked out how long your clothes should be dried for, meaning that your clothes aren’t over dried and we save energy.

What about Delicate Materials

Wet cleaning can be used on all items of clothing even if the label states it can be washed dry clean only. The solvents and products used in wet cleaning contain no harsh chemicals and will not damage your clothing; wet cleaning is gentler than dry cleaning so it can be utilized on almost any materials and will provide a lasting fresh scent.

Environmentally Friendly

Wet cleaning helps avoid paying out landfill fee’s due to its biodegradable cleaning agent, and prevents companies from dumping harmful toxic chemicals into the planet. So the earth chemical landfill and more importantly soil contamination rate is reduced by just changing to a more simple and safer form of cleaning. Not only this, but a wet cleaning cycle can use up to 40% less water than your typical wash cycle and from temperatures as little as 20 degrees! So wet cleaning not only helps the environment but it can also help save money and energy!

Healthier For Staff

Dry cleaning staff are commonly exposed to the harmful gases given off from the dry cleaning process, which are damaging to human health especially with repetitive exposure. PERC, when exposed to people, can cause many health problems in the liver and kidneys which can flare up with inhalation. Your clothes start to smell of PERC and lab results have shown it can even linger in a person's breath for weeks after exposure!

Sensitive Skin

What if you or your family members have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies? This is exactly how The Natural Laundry Co was created. Our founder is a mother of three young children, with one child suffering from a number of sensitivities. She is constantly on the lookout for safer alternatives to anything he is exposed too and in the absence of options available in Dubai, she decided to create her own sanctuary.

Fresh Clothes

Have you ever had your clothes dry cleaned, and you just can’t get rid of that chemical dry clean smell? It’s not pleasant and can make you feel like your not fresh when wearing your clothes. Wet cleaning ensures your clothes come out more refreshing than ever and leave a clean, fresh scent as opposed to a chemical burnt in stench. This is because wet cleaning has eliminated the use of solvents and is based on pure water and biodegradable detergent that leave your clothes pristine and smelling amazing. NLC even offer a selection of fresh scents for your garments (ask us for more details about the scents we use)

So there you have it! Wet Cleaning is the eco-friendly, safe solution to keeping your clothes in tip-top shape without any harm coming to you, your family and our planet.
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